Investing in real estate 

Investing in real estate may be a very attractive investment, especially when it's a new or under construction building. More informations : A French citizen also has the possibility to buy a property overseas. Spain and the United States are appealing nations.

Rental real estate: what is it?

To choose the right address for your rental investment, act as if you were the one who was likely to live in the apartment, as if you were the tenant. You will choose a pleasant, well-equipped and well-served neighbourhood. If you put money in a supermarket or house, your tenant will be a household. So think about the proximity of nurseries and colleges. If you are renting to a student, you will choose either a house close to the campus or an apartment located in the city centre, but connected to the university centres by public transport. Always think about selling. If you put the property back on the market, it must quickly locate a buyer at a fantastic price. It's obviously easier with a fantastic address. In real estate Nice, we talk about market depth and that is an essential criterion. Empty rentals offer more stability and security to the buyer, but their performance is not as flexible as furnished rentals. The latter also benefits from favourable taxation. With the return of rental is not the same thing.

New real estate properties

In terms of real estate investment, the new properties offer many advantages: criteria, manufacturer's guarantees, reduced notary fees, in addition to certain particularly advantageous tax systems in the event of the rental of their properties. Indeed, measures have been put in place to promote housing construction and are particularly favourable for landlords. The purchase of new property allows you to benefit from reduced notary fees, which means that you are not subject to property tax for two years from the date it is received in a large number of municipalities. It is possible to consider a non-participating real estate investment in some cases.

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